Inti Wawa translates ~Baby of the Sun~ from Quechua, the ancient language of the Inca civilization.  Mayra Vargas AKA inti Wawa, is a Peruvian born multi-instrumentalist now residing in Los Angeles. Her new single "Cantamos Fuerte" is the story of finding strength in the midst of chaos; a realization that through community and support anything is possible. This is her first release, and she is excited to share her brand new single and music video. 


 "In her debut single, “Cantamos Fuerte,” Vargas shows that the classic instrument can pair well with modern, acid-washed pop." - She Shreds Magazine

"Keeping with the human species compulsion to invent, she repurposes traditional Andean music and layers rock and jazz influences to create something worth a listen" - Black on the Canvas

Multi-Instrumentalist Mayra Vargas Breaks into the Los Angeles Music Scene with her First Andean Pop Single- Article by Curating Los Angeles